264 S. Muirfield Road in Hancock Park

02 front 1A stunning English Revival situated in the heart of Hancock Park, this 6 bedroom/5 bathroom 2-story home built in 1929 exudes refined elegance in a neighborhood renown for hosting some of LA’s—and the world’s—most elite.

In a city where upscale homes sometimes buttress up against more modest ones, Hancock Park remains a relatively exclusive neighborhood singularly filled with impressive estates. Here, homes range from mansionesque to palatial and home and garden tours are par for the course…literally. The Wilshire Country Club, a verdant oasis complete with natural stream and 18-hole golf course, is a significant fixture in Hancock Park sits just ½ a mile north of 264 Muirfield.


421 South Wilton Place – Hancock Park

8x10__IMG_9903_HDRHome – 421 South Wilton Place Hancock Park in Los Angeles evokes images of vast grounds and storybook paths leading to grandeur doorways. The neighborhood is known for exquisite estates in revival styles of Mediterranean, Tudor, Spanish Colonial, Cape Cod—and those are just the residences that you can see. Dial your imagination to 11 for what’s hidden beyond the 15-foot hedges of some of Los Angeles’ most powerful residents.