Can you walk me through the process once we have a contract with a buyer?


Once you have an approved contract for the sale of your home, anticipate a few more transactions before the final closing. We will assist you with this process.

Potential buyers will most likely schedule a few visits to the home in order to conduct inspections, take measurements, and get estimates on any repairs or work they are considering. As the seller, you will have to address the buyer’s requests to negotiate repairs or issue credits for damages to the home. This could require an amendment to the sales contract, which we will assist you in drafting and approving.

Residential real estate contracts often go through a few amendments as buyers conduct inspections and request repairs. Some homes require little repair work, while others require more and a bit of negotiation on how the seller will handle the repairs. Another amendment common to finalizing a sales contract is the exclusion of certain unattached property features such as curtains, washer/dryer, and other appliances. A buyer may request to add or remove these items which may call for an adjustment to the contract.

Once both parties are in agreement to the final terms and conditions of the contract, and the buyer has completed all of the necessary inspections and paperwork, the contract will be signed and finalized.