What steps should we take to secure the property?


Certain events threaten to damage a vacant property. The following are just a few threats and some tips to secure the property and keep it in top condition for selling.

Theft – Houses often have valuable materials such as copper piping, appliances, or electronic thermostats that thieves might sell as scrap to junkyards and part shops. A security system, reinforced locks and regular patrols of the home can keep thieves away. Adding motion-activated or timed lighting can also demonstrate the property is regularly monitored and cared for.

Vandalism – Empty houses are a blank canvas for graffiti taggers. Vandalism might also include shattered windows, broken doors, and torn-down fences. Security cameras placed on the perimeter of the house can keep an accurate record of who comes and goes from the home and may deter vandals from approaching.

Natural hazards – Leaving a building vacant does not mean shutting off all utilities. The air conditioner should continue to run to prevent mold growth. You should also make sure all doors, windows, and other openings are weather-proofed to avoid leaks during heavy rain.

This is only a sampling of steps to secure your property. Brian Ades & Associates work with clients to keep their vacant properties safe.