Ades: Hi, I’m Brian Ades with primetime and today we’re continuing our talk with Terry Norton, master life coach for Wake up and Come Alive.

Terry, can you tell me a little bit about common stresses that baby boomers are experiencing today?

Terry: I’d say that the top three are probably money, not enough time, and general wellness, you know taking good care of themselves. I think that in this day and age because again of the rushing they’re were going through and those gigantic to-do lists. The last thing we take care of is ourselves and that’s always where I focus first as a coach is how do you take most excellent care of yourself because if you’re not in good health and feeling great then you can’t take care of all the other people and other responsibilities that you have. How do you manage your time, how do you select what’s the most important things to give your energy to and what can wait.

Ades:  Having a plan seems to be the central theme.

Terry: I have all these clients that are so high functioning; they are attorneys or doctors you know, but they’re high functioning procrastinators. They keep themselves busy doing all the things that keep the busy except the big stuff that they don’t really want to do. It’s not like the old level of procrastination where you sit around the house and then its 5 o’clock and I guess I’d better do that again. You know, now there’s so many things you can do that will make yourself feel like you’re busy but you’re not taking care of the big stuff. Like hey, we need to get a financial planner or you know, did we look into the life insurance, or you know we ought to really figure out a savings plan and what would that look like?

Ades: What are simple things people can do today to manage their stress? That’s one question, and then even before that is how do you identify that your experiencing stress and you might need to manage your own stress.

Terry: And so in an opening when someone calls me will say like I don’t really know what’s wrong, but I know something’s wrong. So that’s one way you know, that’s an easy one. Another one is I feel angry all the time you know. Another one is I’m so tired, I can’t do anything yet they’re not unhealthy per-se but there are just things they identify within themselves that aren’t there normal so they feel like they’re out of whack. And sometimes just enough of that is enough to push them. Sometimes its other people. Other people will say you know I don’t know why I’m calling but a friend of mine told me about you and said I really needed to talk with you. So all different reason so once we get into it the reveal comes in that they say ok well I can see now why I’m talking with you.

Ades: As I was saying I deal with a lot of people that are constantly in one state of change or another and there is resistance to moving to a new house or making even a home improvement, there’s a lot of resistance to that. Are there simple things people can do when they recognize when they need to make a change?

Terry: Yes. I think that the first one is to visualize yourself in whatever it is you’re trying to change. The other is having a really open attitude, and even just saying my attitude is open is much better than the arms across the chest and having the attitude of resistance. But to make a conscious choice that I know that weather I feel it right now or not in a few weeks I’m going to feel better about this and to maybe even recapture a change that you’ve had in the past where it was really hard and how you got through it, it’s like self-coaching.