Ades: Hi, welcome to primetime. This is a series that is exploring issues facing you todays in Los Angeles. Today were talking to Tracy McCubin of decluttefly.

Being a realtor I’m in homes constantly where people are packrats, they just hold onto things for a very very long time that we really don’t need. And one of the biggest things that I’ve noticed is living today with the internet, books. So what’s a good solution for something as simple as a book collection?

I am a big fan of donating. For instance, all of your local library’s all of Los Angeles library’s have something called friends of the library’s where they do book sales. So I’ve always found for my clients is so much easier to get rid of something if they know it’s going somewhere as opposed to the idea of just throwing it away. And my clients are so surprised they always say look I’m going to be able to sell it but it’s so hard to sell things. And they’re surprised when they have to pay someone to haul it away.

What’s the second category that’s the most cluttered?

Paper. People are drowning in paper. I see this a lot with my 60 and over clientele there was a time in their life that the mail you received, 75-80% was important. There were letters and checks and things, but now I can go 3 days without getting an important piece of mail. But were trained to believe that mail is important so we hang onto it.

You hear a lot of times its clothing. If you haven’t worn it in a year get rid of it. Is that right?

Ya, clothing is what I like to call wishful thinking. Well I might get back into this someday, if I just loose the weight ill fit into it again and that’s sort of bad on two fold. Because 1, you’re just hanging onto something that just makes you feel bad about yourself every time you look at it. and then also, I always say to people that by the time you can fit back into it you may not wear it again, the mini skirt may have passed for you, that ship may have sailed. And there are great places all over the city to donate clothes.

I work a lot with habitat for humanity to pick up restores, we pick up old appliances.

That’s one of the top. I feel very strongly about donating to places that out it back into the local community. So I donate to out of the closet a lot, I donate to habitat for humanity at least once a week because I love that the money that they use builds houses in their neighborhood. Like I said earlier it’s so much easier for my clients if they know its happening. I had a client who had a brand new in a box karaoke machine. Like you know a couple hundred dollars, and she was like oh I’m never going to use it and I said let me take this. So we took it over to covenant house which is a runaway shelter in Hollywood. And the kids were like is that a karaoke machine? I’m not kidding before I was back to my car they like had it plugged in and were singing waterfalls by TLC. I called my client and held the phone up and I was like listen to what you did. Think where it’s going you know and it becomes so much easier.

If you had one message to give someone watching today, what’s the one thing that you should just take 5 minutes and is it just throw something out today? Is that the way to go?

Yeah, I love the 5 minutes. Take 5 minutes.