Ades – Hi welcome back to Prime Time. I’m Brain Ades and today we are continuing our conversation with Tracy McCubin of dClutterfly. Tracy, tells me a little bit about the emotional process of letting go of things. I find a lot of times as a realtor coming in I’m faced with the emotional issues of people selling their homes and letting go and on top of that their personal belongings.

Tracy – One of the things you have to understand is it’s never about the stuff. So I tell people is, look – you don’t want that hunk of shiny red metal, you want the feeling that a brand new red sports car is going to give you. So you don’t want your old wedding vale, you want the memory of when you got married. So, maybe it’s taking photographs of it, you know, maybe it’s just acknowledging that and people can let go of it. So it’s just taking a moment and really acknowledging and know that it’s going to be hard. I mean, so people are like ‘get rid of it, don’t care’ and skipping out the door to cruise to Alaska.

Ades – Yeah, and a lot of the boomers that I’ve been working with that are selling their homes to downsize – which I want to talk to you about – I mean I see them taking even doors and windows that they are attached to, I mean it’s amazing.

Tracy – Yeah, and it’s probably more to do with what occurred in that house. Did they have their kids in that house? Did they raise their kids in the house? Did they launch their business in that house? You know, it’s not the doors and the windows. It’s whatever events took place. I had a client who had sell a house after her husband passed away and she had, just all sorts of stuff and it was very challenging and very sad because of his illness. What we did is we made a timeline and we went through with a calendar and said “this year you painted the house” and “this year you did…” you know, and just, we were able to record it, so when doing that she was able to leave and just know that she wasn’t going to forget the events that took place.

Ades – One thing that I’ve noticed with clients that are making a transition to downsize, the reality is, they’re really are only living in the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom. And they are in the mindset that they are ready to downsize, but they aren’t ready to let go of everything.

Tracy – Right, exactly. So the conversation that I always like to have with people is – “ok you realize you’re going to have to let go of 70%? You think you’re going to have to let go of 30 – you’re going to have to let go of 70!” So sometimes it’s about figuring out what kind of person they are. Some people need to do it gradually. I’ve had plenty of clients that I’ve worked with over six months and we will tackle an area. I have other clients that are like “I want this done in four days”. Let’s say you have an old leather arm chair that your nephew has always loved. This is a great time to say “I’d like to give this to you know.”. I have a client right now who is just getting rid of all of her jewelry. It’s big, gorgeous stuff – she’s 85, she’s never going to wear it again and she’s giving it away now and she says “I would rather see you wear it”.

Ades – That’s beautiful.

Tracy – It’s sitting in the safe. So I’m really, I think it’s a great way to do it and really empowers the person. But you know, downsizing really means downsizing, it really means letting go way more than you think.