Getting On The Market

Every home tells a story. You’re responsible for one of LA’s Legacies and we ensure the transaction goes smoothly and into the right hands. The story to your home is the fundamental key to our marketing. We re-enforce the value of your long-term ownership and the property’s history. Our homes are where we have gathered together with loved ones, nurtured our dreams, and taken comfort. If you have a Generational home, odds are that the next owner will take great pride in carrying the legacy on with their family too.

  • Study
    When putting your home on the market, we are here to help you assess the work, and put together a plan. We study the competitive recent sold inventory and current active listings, while educating you about today’s Buyer Trends. We inform you on where the market is today in real time.
  • Understand
    We expertly advise on how to prioritize what work or repairs is necessary, cosmetic, or non-essential. Buyers of Generational homes are unique. They understand that they are buying an older home, and expect some deferred maintenance. They are interested in the property’s utility and pedigree for their growing family.
  • Remember
    • Recognizing that every home is unique, we create a distinctive marketing strategy custom to each property.
    • You are the seller, therefore you define the value for your property. Every home holds a blue book value, and an emotional one. We help you establish the emotional component and market your home to the maximum number of qualified buyers.
    • Prep for Sale- Know your home’s strengths and weaknesses. The three most important things for Sellers to do when selling a home are “disclose, disclose, disclose,” and the three most important things for Buyers to do when buying a house are “investigate, investigate, investigate.” The more transparency you provide, the smoother your transaction will go.

Termite Inspections for Sellers

Did Someone Call a Plumber?

** Helpful Tip

California is a buyer-beware state. We help guide you through the seller disclosure process. The starting point for us is to begin that conversation well before going on the market.

The Right Time to Inspect

Threats To Your Sewer Line

This is a key disclosure document that helps inform the Buyers of your home.

“Personal property is anything that is moveable. Anything attached to the house is typically is sold with the house. It is important that the family identifies the list of inclusions and exclusions before going on the market. For example, as long as you disclose that a chandelier or bookcase is excluded you can remove it.” –Brian Ades, SRES Trust and Estates Specialist