7321 Woodrow Wilson Drive – A Golden Hollywood Hideaway

7321 Woodrow Wilson Pool

Circa 1950, the very year that brought us Bette Davis in All about Eve, and the sizzling Sunset Boulevard with William Holden as an unsuccessful screenwriter and Gloria Swanson playing a faded silent film star. Old Hollywood lingers in this English Country revival. A thorough redoux remastered its intended grandeur. This is Woodrow Wilson Drive, 7321 to be precise. Where the California Trifecta–pool, view, & privacy–is not only celebrated, it’s a closely held tradition. MLS#:  15-877587


1349 N. Gardner Avenue in Hollywood

The home at 1349 North Gardner Avenue was originally built in 1917 by the Stevens & Turner Land Development Company on a two-block stretch between Sunset Boulevard and Fountain Avenue. The neighborhood is located just a few blocks east of historic Spaulding Square and is dominated by apartment buildings and the home of Los Angeles Fire Station 41. When I first visited this property for the family, I discovered the property was squatter-occupied and had to work with the Los Angeles Police Department to clear it before securing and fencing the perimeter.